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Residential Lending

Our residential lending product is designed to assist individuals, companies, trusts or SMSFs in obtaining loans for both primary residences and investment properties. It provides a streamlined and accessible solution for individuals seeking to secure loans for dream homes. With competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and a user-friendly application process, our product makes the journey to homeownership simple and convenient.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, seasoned investor or just looking to refinance an existing property, our residential product line provides you the support you need to achieve your real estate goals.

Suitable for :

Individual Borrowers
Corporate Borrowers
SMSF & Trusts
SMSF & Trusts
Home and Investment Property
Whether you are looking to buy or refinance a home or investment property, we offer a wide range of financing options that can definitely meet your needs. 
Our experienced team has over 20 years of experience that can guide you through the process.
Equity Release
This is a great way to unlock the equity that you have built up in your property. With equity unlocked, you can use it to be put towards your retirement, home improvements, investment and many more. 
Our varying products can allow you to access that equity for a number of purposes.
Looking for financing options to build your dream home or investment property?
We have a number of construction financing options available that can fit all your needs. This is especially suitable if you are not ready to buy a property out right, or if you just want to build something that is truly unique.


Debit Card Available
Fixed Rate Options
Available Upon Request
Debit Card
Offset and Redraw Facilities Available
Offset Redraw
Cash Out
Internet Banking
No penalties
Choice of Valuers
Cash Out
Internet & Phone Banking 
(unlimited electronic transactions)
No Early Repayment Penalties
on Variable Rate Loans.
Access to 
Various Selection 
of Valuers
Loan terms
Up to 95% LVR
Up to 30 years loan term

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